Wake Up – You’re Missing The Show

Nat managed to take a break this morning. Bill called and away they went – off to play golf. It was good timing on Bill’s part as I think Nat was over-doing it in the garage. He’s down to painting the drywall and I know he really, really wants to get it finished, but by the end of the day he can hardly hold his head up.  By about 6:30 pm and periodically throughout the evening his head starts to bob up and down, his eyelids have drooped down to his chin and every now and again he catches a wee glimpse of the show we’ve been watching.  During summer repeats he’ll be remarking “How did we miss this episode?”  And with my memory being what it is, hell I won’t have a clue!!

While he was trying to par the course, I decided to stick it out with the new blog and get the posts edited. The posts imported from Blogger need to be cleaned up, given a heading and tagged. It’s been a long and tedious job – didn’t realize how many posts I had put on The Rouse House – but I’m in the home stretch. So far I’m liking the Word Press set-up, but there are a few different things I’m still getting use to. I’m especially liking the “New Page” thing.

So now that I’ve not spent Nat’s hard earned pension for several weeks, I’m thinking I might drag him to the shops on Saturday. Getting to be that time where I just need a little something!!


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