Birthday Girl

After a day of pretty much playing with this Blog – I’m new to Word Press – Nat and I went into Niagara Falls for Karly’s birthday.  She turned 15 on the 24th of June and because of everyones’ schedules they decided on just a get together in the evening.  We had a chance to sit out on their newly decorated patio, which was quite nice, and watch the birthday girl open her presents, followed by ice cream cake.  She made out pretty good – lots of cash, some make-up and hair products (what teenage girl doesn’t need lots of that), a new DVD player from Mom and Dad and, of course, our  gift (a small external hard drive for  her computer and a “Gorilla Pod” for her camera).  Lucas had had two teeth removed earlier that afternoon and was in quite the “giddy” mood – some pain killer effects, we think!!  Plus for those not familiar, a “Gorilla Pod” is an adjustable, portable tripod for your digital camera.  It can be hooked to a tree, fence, bed post, etc. so you can steady your camera while you take pictures, or be in them with your friends.  Karly was quite intriqued.

Nat’s in the garage again this morning.  He’s in the sanding stage and then he’ll start painting.  Going to give the place one coat to make it look half decent.  He’ll then be able to start setting up his workshop, which I know he’s anxious to do.

As for me, I’m back at the computer trying to figure out all of the Word Press settings, set-up and more.  So if this page keeps changing in certain ways, please bear with me.  A newbie can always tax one’s patience!  Meanwhile, going to take a break and wash the kitchen floor.  How’s that for a switch in thoughts???

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