Growing Old

Felicia\'s Grade 8 Graduation
Felicia's Grade 8 Graduation

Attended Felicia’s Grade 8 graduation last night. It was difficult to watch her cross the stage all dressed up and wearing heals for the first time. Naturally, she looked beautiful and we were very proud. She received a couple of awards, including one she didn’t know about (the District School Board of Niagara Award of Excellence) and even her “School Letter”, so all of her hard work and diligence paid off. We all had a chance to take pictures on the school grounds afterward while some students passed around cupcakes, treats and drinks. All in all the ceremony was fun and it seemed like the students were enjoying themselves from their hoots and hollers. We gave her a digital camera as a gift and she was really pleased. She was also telling us about her Ottawa trip and it sounds like the whole class had a great time.

Today we’re back to our usual “same ole’ same ole” – Nat’s back in the garage and I’m mucking about inside. My big job for the day was sweeping off the back patio – whoooop!!! I also did a quick run down to Wal-Mart – another whoooop!!! Nat also called Jenny this morning. She had back surgery last week and he’s been keeping in touch to see how she’s doing. Michael (a son) has also been great in calling and letting Nat know what’s going on. She’s home now and is still in pain (naturally) but she’s on the mend and hopefully she’ll be right as rain in no time!!

I’m starting to get a little bored. Not in the mood to start archiving pictures for Nat’s side of the family, despite the fact that I made him sit down with me to view pictures and give me years they were taken. I certainly jogged his memory and hopefully we hit the mark for at least the decade they were taken. I’m still sorting and organizing and once that’s done I can start scanning. The Rouse side went so well, I really should get Nat’s side done and that would make a good gift for the girls when it’s finished. I’m talkin’ to you now, Mom and Dad – find me some energy as I’m slowin’ down fast!!! The lazy, hazy days of summer truly are setting in!!! Maybe a good bike ride will perk me up???? (I said “maybe” – that being the operative word!!)


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