Just Dropped In

Nat and I were busy getting our tasks done on Tuesday when we had a nice unexpected visit from Claudia.  She was in the area on business and dropped by to eat her lunch inbetween appointments.  It was great hearing about her trip to Louisville with Darby.  They went to see the Rodeo Championships and had a fabulous time.  I was quite jealous when she told me about the great outlet malls in Ohio and how they found them with their GPS.  Nat and I are working on getting one, but right now things are getting to be a little tight.  This old new house is starting to eat our dollars as if they were an addiction and we’re going to have to put a hold on a few things for awhile.  Sooner or later we’ll get one, but for now our GPS will be me and my pointing finger – “No, No, No, I said turn left!!”

Nat’s making good headway on getting the drywall up in the garage.  Already it’s looking a thousand times better and even feels better.  Extremely cold in there this past winter and extremely hot during those humid days a month ago.  He’s in the home stretch and is now dreaming of his newly designed workshop/garage.

After Claudia’s visit I headed down to Wal-Mart for a few items and got caught in the sudden downpour. I took my umbrella but naturally left it in the van, thinking it would hold off at least until I was done.  Silly me!!

Today (Wednesday) I’m having a hard time amusing myself while Nat’s playing golf. I’m wanting to start another project – converting LPs into digital – but I’ve lost my gumption.  The only thing I’ve managed to do is finally, finally frame Mom’s artwork from 1937 that Michele gave to each of us. I’ve had mine sitting around in storage and I really wanted to get it hung up.  I had to make my own matte, as the standard ones were either too big or too small, and despite the fact that if you look real close you can see flaws, it still turned out good enough for the time being.  I should have asked Nat to cut the matte (as he’s very good at it) but I get impatient and sometimes just want to try it myself.

Guess I’ll go back to watching my video shows and podcasts on iTunes and munch on some fresh baked cookies.  Hope it’s nice tomorrow so I can go biking and work it off -mmmmm, maybe??


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