Busy, Busy

Father’s Day was a nice success.  Susan, Felicia and Bridget came by in the morning and we had a nice buffet lunch.  The usual cold cuts along with some baked goodies – cookies, muffins, Blondies, etc. – and a pasta salad.  Then Shawn, Laura, Karly and Lucas came by just past lunch time.  Lucas had a baseball game (part of a weekend tournament) and as they were beat, his team was finished for the day.  So it was nice that they were able to come by for an hour or two.  It worked out well as they finished off what was left of the dessert goodies.  Being such a nice day we were also able to sit out on the patio and enjoy the sunshine.  The kids are also now getting a kick out of our little stream and all the little bugs, birds, chipmunks, etc. that are flittering about.

Nat’s present was exactly what he was looking it – an electrician’s bag – surprise, surprise!! So a good time was had by all and once we were finished cleaning up he called his sister, Jenny, in England so see how she’s doing.  She’s scheduled for back surgery this Wednesday and is a little worried.  At least she’s got lots of children to look after her once it’s over.  Apparently she’s going to be laid up for up to 6 weeks.  That can’t be fun!!  We’ll both be thinking of her, that’s for sure.

Nat’s got a golf game lined up for tomorrow.  He’s not golfed at this course for years, but he’s looking forward to it.  As for me, I’ll probably get laundry done, as it was neglected (or put aside) for Father’s Day.  I’ll then start my baking for this weekend and Zach’s birthday party.  Looking forward to that, as we’ve not seen anyone from my side of the family tree for several weeks..  We’re anxious to see the kids, along with hearing about the Pierson family’s trip to the Rodeo.

Felicia’s graduation is coming up next week too!!  She’s graduating Grade 8, French Immersion School and is doing really well.  Her grades are in the low 90’s and that’s something to be really prod of.  It’s also a bit frightening for Nat and I – this is our second grandchild who will now be in high school next Fall.  Time has flown by too fast and there’s no way of stopping it!!

Along with our excitement for Father’s Day, we also had our neighbour, Officer Doan, park at our little corner of the world and catch  all kinds of cars speeding up and down Dominion Road.  At one time he had three of them stopped and giving them tickets!!  Needless to say it was a lucrative Father’s Day for everyone – including the Town caufers!!!

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