Odds in My Favour

Good news on two counts!! The first: my regular checkup with Dr. Broski went extremely well. Everything was just perfect – my cholesterol levels, my creatinine levels, my blood pressure and I’m now in the low risk category for osteoporosis!! Can’t get much better than that, can we?? The second: I’ve finally finished that project I was working on. I just have to wait for the results to come in and the finishing touches can be made. I’m now getting anxious to see what happens and how it turns out.

Now if we could only get Nat’s golf scores down to where he wants, we’d be in “happy camper heaven”. We’ll have to get out to the practice range and see what we can come up with.

The rest of the week has been quiet. Nat’s finally getting around to putting up the drywall in the garage. It’s now beginning to look finished – even though he’s not done yet. He’s feeling better that this project is now well underway – and if the heat would just break, I’m sure he’d make even better headway. It’s been tough for him doing this alone, but he insists there’s not much I can do. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I can’t help, but I do try to pitch in whenever and wherever I can.

While Nat was in the garage I was in the kitchen testing a new recipe – Raisin Bran Muffins – and they look pretty good (at least in Nat’s opinion). It was too bloody hot to continue on with the chocolate chip cookies, but I’ll try and get them done before Sunday (Father’s Day). We’ve at least got enough goodies in the freezer for Sunday to get by.

Lucas has another baseball game tonight, which we’re going to. Then this weekend is the tournament. So if his team does well on Saturday they then advance to the games on Sunday. So the Revill family may not make it over for Sunday, but hopefully they’ll be able to drop by later.

Going to have to find another project to work on. Suppose it’s going to be converting all of our record albums to digital and then dump them onto CDs. The worse part will be trying to get the computer, the converter, the turntable and the receiver all co-ordinated!! That’s always a fun job that never goes well for me!!!


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