To Market, To Market

We finally did the market thing. Saturday morning we hopped on our bikes and rode down the bike trail ino town. Sounds like a western, except for the “bike” thing!! Anyways … it was about a seven minute ride, but the Market only took us two minutes!! It’s small, but it’s a great beginning. We were a little late in catching the best of the fresh baked goodies – breads, rolls, coissants, etc. – but that was alright. We really didn’t need to restore what little calories we had just peddled off!! We walked down to the drug store and bought the paper and then headed back home. It was fun and we were glad we did it. Will definitely make it a weekend routine until the end of Market in October. I at least had a chance to use my little basket – I carried Nat’s paper home!!

Saturday afternoon we headed back into St. Catharines armed with a list of places to go. We found a gift for Karly’s birthday and a gift for Zach’s birthday, along with other items from our list. Our excuse was again to bide our time until supper so we could head over to the Fish & Chip shop we love. Naturally it was all worth the time and effort. Chores accomplished and bellies full!!

Sunday was extremely quiet. We thought perhaps our old neighbours, Cecil and Floris, would drop by. Floris indicated in our Saturday chat that they might go for a Sunday drive and head out our way. Nat and I cleaned in the morning, along with getting the laundry done, but alas they never made it. So we had the afternoon to ourselves. I suppose it was a little too hot to venture out, and I don’t blame them.

Today has also been quiet. Nat’s finally making a bit of headway in getting the garage done. The drywall and whatever else that’s needed to complete the finishing touches, is being delivered tomorrow morning. He’s anxious to get his workshop set up and the garage organized. I don’t blame him a bit, after all it’s the same way I felt about getting this new house set up and in living order. While he’s been out there, I’ve been in here working away on my project. Finally in the home stretch and only a day away from completing the whole thing. I’m now getting excited about how it will turn out.

I suppose my next project will be trying to get all of our old LPs/record albums converted to a digital format and uploaded to the computer. We’ve got the gizmo for it, but we realize that it’s going to be a very long process as we’ll have to sit and watch while each record is playing and being converted. Oh joy, oh bliss, what fun!! Hopefully it will bring back some memories once we get playing some of these old records. At least it’s another project that will prevent me from spending any money, keep me out of trouble and off the streets for sometime!! Money’s getting tight and we’re starting to really feel the pinch, so I’ll have to keep coming up with ways to keep me amused!!


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