Flippin’ Out

The most exciting thing Nat and I have done this week was to go to Walden Galleria Mall, and even that was a bust. We were on the hunt for a birthday gift for Karly (she’ll be 15 in a couple of weeks), and I had heard about a hip new video camcorder on the market in the U.S. After doing some research I discovered this camcorder was available at Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy in the U.S. So armed with the proper facts and directions away we went. It was a hot and humid day and there wasn’t too much else we could do around the house and we both felt we had to get away.

Naturally the whole trip was for naught. Best Buy only carried the more expensive “coloured” versions at $149.00 U.S. – a bit more than we were willing to spend. Sears, the same story and Radio Shack never heard of the darn thing. So we wander around the Mall for a bit, grabbed a bite of lunch at Johnny Rocket’s and headed home. Disappointed and not a bag in hand!!

So we’ll have to sit down, put our two brain-dead heads together and see what we can come up with. It’s not really a whole lot of fun to just give her the cash, despite the fact that she’d take it in a flash (the rhyming not intentional) and we’d like to come up with something physical she’d get some enjoyment out of. Hopefully something will pop up before it’s too late!!

On a whole other note, Nat is starting to think he’s lost me to the office. I’ve been stored away in front of the computer trying to get my project completed. I had to delete practically a whole two to three month’s worth of work and start over again. Having a better idea of how to go about this thing, I’ve now completed the new uploads and am now working on the finishing touches. The podcast “The Tech Guy” was a huge help and gave me the great idea of getting things uploaded at a much faster speed. So if I can only decide on how to complete the final touches I’ll be laughing. Pretty sure I’m in the home stretch. But then again, I’ve been fooled before!


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