Let There Be Light

So I’m thinking Gail’s new neighbours down the road didn’t work out too well!!! And again, I’m thinking their little street hasn’t seen so much activity since their neighbours had to move. Had no idea growing grape vines was such a growth industry!!

Enough of the frivolity!!! Down the way in Ridgeway – things have been relatively quiet. (No offence, Gail!!!) Nat and I have been attending to some minor household chores. He’s finished installing the lights in the garage, outside the garage door and above the front door. They look pretty good, and he’s finally relieved that that little chore is done. Hopefully now he can get on with putting up the drywall and finishing off the garage walls in order to get his tool shop set up.

This morning as I had a hair appointment in St. Catharines, we made it worth our while and Nat got groceries while I was getting all dolled up for an evening at home!! Once Nat picked me up we headed over to Costco to spend just a wee bit more, had a bite to eat, gased up and headed home. These little chores alone took us over four hours, including travel time, and with the price of gas you now have to do as much as you can without travelling unnecessarily. So this afternoon was quite relaxing. Nat read the paper on the back patio while I frittered away at redoing my hair (that’s a given), along with a little dusting. As the skies were getting dark and the wind came up out of nowhere, Nat retired to the living room to work on his crosswords and while doing so the rains came hard enough to bounce off Dominion Road pretty good. The storm didn’t last all that long, but we were both glad we had decided to stay home for supper. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches, some potato chips and watched the golf game on TV.

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