Let The Games Begin

Nat’s two golf tournaments didn’t go that well. He seems to be in a bit of a slump, but I think he’s got other things on this mind and it’s affecting his game. Hopefully now that he’s getting things done in the garage he’ll start to feel better. But then again, he always finds something else to worry about!!

As for me, the last couple of days have been kind of boring. We went down the road to Felicia’s soccer game. Not very well attended but then it was a windy and cold night. Her team won their game and Felicia was pleased, so that’s all that matters. Of course they managed to keep warm from all that running around the pitch. You can also tell that Nat and I are “newbies” in town. We missed the soccer park – drove right by it. But in our defence, the thing was not list in Google Maps or even on our regular road map. Even Susan said she had to get directions from one of the coaches.

We also attended Lucas’ baseball game last night – and that was really, really cold. The wind was blowing and everyone was wrapped in blankets and huddled together on the picnic table. Nat and I sat in the sun down by the fence, but for what that was worth it was still cold!!! Lucas’ team was beating the pants off the other side and we were told that if this kept up they would just stop the game by 8:00 pm. It was evident that Lucas didn’t need any extra moral support from us – he was doing just fine – so we headed home. I had to go and sit in the van for about 15 minutes before Nat finally gave up the ghost. He’s from pretty hardy stock, but even he had to admit it was just too cold. We had the van heater on almost all the way home!!

This afternoon (Wednesday) was another one spent behind the computer monitor. I had to delete all of those files I had uploaded. The preview I was sent wasn’t looking all that good, so I figured I would start from scratch again. I’ve got a better idea and so far it’s working beautifully. This time, too, it’s going so much faster and I should be back to being finished in no time. I’ve also had a really hard time with the design. They’re asking for such a big size and my little card program can’t do it. But I can still get a draft set up and sent to me and we’ll take it from there. Just a minor setback, but we’ve got things under control!


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