The Piggy Was Spared

Bonnie and I had a nice day out on Thursday. Before meeting up with her, Nat and I attended visitation for John’s wife, Loreen, who had passed away after a long illness. She was Nick’s sister-in-law and we wanted to show Nick and John our support. Nat then drove me over to the Square where Bonnie and I spent a couple of hours shopping. We also headed over to the Tim Horton’s & Wendy’s around the corner for lunch and had a great old gab fest. Alas her money stayed in her wallet, but mine managed to spill out over a couple of stores. I was successful in finding some new shorts, shoes and some fresh tops. We then had a Laura Secord ice cream cone and headed home. All in all a nice day out.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much spent behind the old computer monitor. Nat was away playing in golf tournaments both days and not having the van available to me I stuck it out at home. I made huge headway in getting the rest of the book done, but I’m still struggling with the cover. I had some help from Bonnie while we were out and managed to get her designs worked up, but they’re still too small for the cover – we’re talking a huge size for what my little design program can do. I may have to end up using a pre-designed theme, but I’m going to continue to give it the old college try!!

Around the middle of Sunday afternoon I took my wee bike with my wee little basket, my wee little purse and my wee little pig and off to market we went. Actually I took a bike ride to downtown Ridgeway but alas the shops were closed, so my wee little piggy was spared this time!! I was kind of surprised but everyone was closed and I could have bowled down the main street. Oh well, it was a bit of exercise and I managed to at least take a break from the office and enjoy the nice weather.

Today is turning out to be another one of those can’t decide what to do days. I managed to get some house cleaning done and then Nat and I drove into Niagara Falls for a few items at Home Depot and Wal-Mart just to get out of the house for an hour. Felicia has a soccer game in Fort Erie tonight so we’re looking forward to going down to watch her play. It’s looking like rain, so we hope it holds off until later on!!! Lucas has a baseball game in Niagara Falls tomorrow night, so that will give us another chance to get out. We haven’t seen him play yet this year and his league is well underway.

Also received a short email from Claludia. They’re back from their Kentucky trip and sounds like they had a really great time. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!!


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