Oops! I Did It Again

Monday started off a little boring.  Being a holiday with everything closed, there wasn’t too many options out there.  We gave Claudia a call and drove into St. Catharines for a visit.  Her, Darby and Tyler are off the Rodeo in Kentucky this weekend and we wanted to see them before they left.  They sound like they’ve got their little mini holiday planned and I’m envious that they’re getting away and doing something exciting.  We hope they have a great time and despite the fact that Tyler’s not exactly a rodeo lover, I’m sure he’ll be checking out those cowgirls!!  Here’s to a safe and happy trip, guys!!

Tuesday morning ended up being for naught!!  I decided to try a new recipe for “Blondies” after watching a Food Network show.  I downloaded the recipe from their web site, but something just wasn’t right. After baking the Blondies, they looked good, but they were raw as uncooked eggs!  I put them back in the oven, continued to take them, but it was taking forever.  I think I know what happened – first of all, I bought the wrong kind of dark brown sugar, I put them in a smaller pan than called for, and I melted the butter (which really didn’t work with the wrong sugar I bought).  Anyhow, I ended up throwing them out.  So there went a stick and a half of butter, a good amount of brown sugar and eggs and a couple hours of time I could have been doing something else with.  Not exactly a cheap experiment!

While I was ruining the Blondies, Nat was involved with a lawn and garden evaluator.  This was a free program being sponsored by the Region wherein you could get your lawn evaluated and they would give you environmentally friendly tips on how to get rid of weeds, treat your lawn and keep it healthy.  She really didn’t tell us much more than Nat already knew, but what the hell, the program was free and you never know until you try it.  Plus she left us with a great brochure with a CD, a list of garden flowers and other kinds of info that will certainly come in handy.

This morning (Wednesday) I attempted another “Blondie” recipe.  As I had told Gail when she called Tuesday I would bring “Blondies” to her dessert party, I did some more research and I found a better recipe at the Cook’s Illustrated site which is where I should have looked in the first place – always trust the tried and true!!!  This recipe didn’t call for dark brown sugar and they turned out great – plus I used the proper pan.  Feeling pretty good, I decided to also put some scones in the oven and I’ll take them to Gail’s tonight, too.  We’re going to her place to see Charmaine who is visint from England for a couple of weeks and this may be our only chance to see her.  We certainly hope she gets better weather than we’ve been having the past couple of days!

This afternoon while Nat was golfing I managed to get the uploading finished.  I couldn’t believe my dumb luck.  The so-called “corrupted” files uploaded like a breeze, and I’m only hoping it’s because I put them on an external hard drive.  I was having such great luck I continued on and again everything went lickety-split!!  I ended up getting ALL the files uploaded in no time.  Plus the upload speed was much better being on the separate hard drive.  So now I just have to finish off and we’ll soon see the end results of my labour!!  Here’s hoping!!!!

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