Well so far my little plants are surviving.  I managed to get them all transplanted into individual little pots yesterday.  It was quite easy and they’re now sitting on the deep window ledge in our office.  Dear Martha would be proud!!  They’re actually quite beautiful, so I really do hope they survive – or I at least can keep them alive.  Time will tell.

Today is turning out to be a slow and lazy one.  I got up early and uploaded some more files – figured the servers would be relatively quiet on a Sunday morning!!  Assuming everyone is either away or at church!!  Whatever happened, my timing was perfect and I got 10 files uploaded without any being corrupted!!

Aside from the other usual chores, this morning Nat did his crosswords while I watched Sunday Morning.  He starts to get a little antsy by the afternoon, so it’s just as well there’s a couple of hockey games on.  It was raining pretty good at lunch time so we figured we’d be house bound for the rest of the day.  Of course, as I’m typing this the sun is trying to peek through – go figure!!!  A little late ‘ole mister sunshine!!!  I’ve got a pork tenderloin that needs to be cooked and we won’t be able to go anywhere now!!  Just as well, Nat’s well entrenched in his recliner and I just heard “Oh, what a goal!!” – only means one thing, the Canadian team scored!!!  Go Canada!!!!


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