More, More, More

God, I’ve still got it!!!!  We went into Niagara Falls this morning.  I was determined to get some indoor soil for my little plants along with whatever else was on my list.  I was also keeping my eye peeled for that Sub Zero cold beverage container that Paula gave Marilyn for Mother’s Day.  Would make a great Father’s Day gift for Nat – but I’m having problems finding it, so I’ll have to give Paula a shout.  Anway, back to my good day.  So after we left Wal-Mart, I had Nat stop into Niagara Square on the way home.  We first headed into Winners where he wanted to pick up a couple more of the golf shirts he found and really liked.  After that I headed down to my favourite store and while Nat had a seat out front I quickly ran in and within 5 minutes I had a pair of shorts and a nice white blouse picked out and paid for!!!  Couldn’t believe my luck.  Now, I realize that doesn’t sound too exciting to most people, but lately I’ve been having a hard time finding anything.  When I was single I was able to enter a store, scan it quickly and pretty much tell whether there was anything I would be interested in.  I could also enter a store and pretty much pick up a couple of items and pay for them within five or ten minutes.  I know my size, I know my style and I know what I like.

It’s been difficult now that we’ve moved to Ridgeway and I don’t have quick access to any major clothing stores.  Plus my shopping buddy, Bonnie, has been busy with her own stuff (how selfish!!!) and hasn’t been able to go shopping with me, so I have to quickly pop in and out of any good stores whenever I pass them while out with Nat.  Don’t get me wrong, Nat doesn’t mind going clothes shopping with me, but it’s not exactly his favourit hobby, so I try to exclude him as much as possible.  Besides he likes to trail right behind me and it’s difficult to “bob and weave” in and out of clothing racks when you’ve got a man behind you!!!  And trust me, I can “bob and weave” like the best of them.  I’m always thrilled when I’ve got something new to wear.  It’s a real pick-me-up and lately I’ve not had a chance to buy a lot of pick-me-ups!!

It was also a good day for Nat.  The Weed Man arrived and did his thing.  Out, out, damn weeds!!  God knows by the time they all die, we’ll be lucky if we have any lawn left.  This poor lawn was left “as is” when the house was built and no one has taken the time to give it some tender loving care.  The house is sitting on such a beautiful corner lot and there’s so much potential, so we’re hoping we can get it properly landscaped and gussied up a bit.  Going to take some doing and much moola, but we’ll get there sooner or later.

Now I’ll do my “Martha Stewart” thing this weekend and transplant my little plants.  If anyone hears wee screams over the weekend, it’s the little guys resisting my “brown thumb”!!!!

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