In From The Rain

We had a nice Mothers’ Day at Marilyn’s on Sunday. Despite the fact that it started to rain just when Shawn was lighting the BBQ, the burgers, hot dogs and salads were delicious and we ate inside where it was warm and dry. Afterwards we gathered around the dining room table where Paula opened her birthday gifts and Marilyn her Mothers’ Day gifts from Shawn and Paula. Jackie and Brian were there from Victoria, B.C. and it was great talking to them and getting caught up on life on the Island. Sounds like they’re really loving it. Shawn and Laura also gave me a basket of flowers for Mothers’ Day (even though I’m just a stepmother) that are beautiful and now sitting in my office window. Lets only hope that I can keep them alive – I’m not exactly known for my green thumb (as I don’t have one!!!!).

Monday morning Nat and I then puttered around the house. I went into Fort Erie to Wal-Mart and picked up some cute pots for the little plants in my basket. They’ll have to be replanted one of these days and I want to be ready to do it right. In the afternoon, Nat went into Niagara Falls to buy a new trimmer/edger as the battery in his old one died and naturally a new battery (provided you can find one) is just as expensive as a new trimmer/edger. So now he’s got a gas-fired one and can zip along the edges of the lawn lickety-split!! While Nat was in town I popped some scones into the oven and finished off the house cleaning.

Tuesday morning saw Nat and his buddies off to the golf course while I did some more uploading on the computer. That FTP program I bought is turning out to be really handy at a time like this. Once Nat got home we hopped on our bikes and went for a ride. Was such a perfect day for one we couldn’t resist, and I had a chance to test the new basket!! After the ride I had Nat take me down to the Dollar Store for some water bottles that I can use to “spritz” my new flowers with. It’s understood you don’t just pick up one item at the Dollar Store, and we proved that to be true. We came away with a new glass case for Nat (and for a buck the case was really decent!!), the water bottles, a couple little dishes we can use for potato chip snacks and another little candy dish. Had to have been a good trip when Nat is even willing to wander around the whole store. He was finding all kinds of little doodads he never knew they sold – and all for $1.00 – which always appeals to Nat’s pocketbook!!!!

Today I woke up thinking I could putter in that little herb garden, hoping to dig up the herb plants and get the little plot ready for some annuals or perennials. Well, I got fooled. Those herbs had roots that went all the way to China. Who knew???? Nat had to get his shovel and dig pretty deep to remove them all, including the chives, but we removed them all and I was grateful for his help. Now I can get some good soil and some little plants and see if I can work up a little flower garden. Maybe I can earn that green thumb!!

This afternoon while Nat was at his weekly golf game, I took that book upload and dumped it onto the external hard drive to see if the uploading would go any faster. It’s working better than I thought, but it’s still slow going, as I’ve had to reload some files that were possibly corrupted. I want to get them done before I proceed with the rest. We’ll see how it goes – it’s been working away in the background since 12:15 pm and it’s now 5:32 pm and only 7 out of 12 files are done. Sloooowwwwly but surely!!!


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