Goin’ To The Car Wash, Baby

Lucas’ baseball team was having a car wash today to raise some funds so Nat and I headed into the Falls to get the van washed. It was about due and it would save Nat some time on Sunday. When we arrived the cars were lined up four deep along the side of Zehr’s and the little guys were working away as fast as they could. The coaches and some parents were also chipping in to keep up a good pace, plus the kids needed an adult using the hose. I couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen if you aloud a few eleven year old to hold a loaded hose!!!! We had a good time and they did an excellent job on the van. When we left they were still working away and taking turns going to get something to eat and drink. We heard by the end of the day that they went into overtime as they tried to close up shop by 3:00 pm but the cars kept coming. They ended up making over $1100.00, which was way beyond their expectations and the kids were tickled to death, as were the coaches!! It also turned out that a lot of folks just gave money and never asked to have their car washed – and the kids were very thankful for that.

We said our goodbyes, picked up a couple of things at Home Depot before we left and then headed into St. Catharines. We popped in on the Bartletts to see what they were up to and had a great visit. Poor Suzie (their dog), however, is getting worse. She mostly sleeps now, is practically blind and stuggles with her little sore hip. Not sure whether Floris and Cecil will get another pet, as I know they’re going to miss Suzie terribly when the day comes. Hope that’s not for a long time yet!! It was a nice afternoon for a nice visit!!

We then toddled off and wandered around Home Outfitters for half an hour before heading over to the New Smiling Fish & Chip shops – only the best in the Niagara Peninsula – for our supper and finally headed home. It was a busy day, a beautiful day weather wise and we were pleased we had accomplished quite a bit.

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