The Birds & The Bees & The Bugs

This morning we picked up my bike and my wee basket looks great. Now I can go to market, to market to buy a fat pig! One thing – the basket’s not big enough – so I’ll have to settle for pork chops!!

This afternoon we had a walk around a couple of garden centres. We’re keeping our eyes open for some good ideas for a shady side of the house. We’ve already got lots of goodies starting to bloom down by the stream, but we’re not sure what they are. So far, however, it’s looking beautiful. All natural, all green and lush. Every time we drive into the driveway I”m amazed at how naturally beautiful our backyard is (despite the dandelions – but we won’t go there!!!) The little rickety bridge crossing the stream is framed with beautiful foliage, trees and grasses and is starting to look like a New England painting. The stream is also now lined with lush green plants, some skunk cabbage, a broken tree limb here and there and our little bull frog croaks away as happy as can be. The baby ducks have grown a bit and we believe have moved on further down stream, but who knows there may be more down the road.

Our bird feeder is now attracting red-winged blackbirds, doves, cardinals, bluejays and more. Plus our finch feeder is somewhat active, albeit not as much as we thought. Now if we could just deter those pesky larger black birds we’d be happy. The little chipmunk has been deterred from climbing the feeder pole – we greased it with vaseline – but not to worry, he’s still getting all kinds of crumbs that the other birds throw overboard, so he’s not neglected. He is funny, however, whenever he does try to scale the pole and he slides right back down. Since greasing the pole we’ve not seen the couple of squirrels that were hanging around either – and that’s a good thing!!

Nat and I are both enjoying the comings and goings of the birds, the chipmunks, the ducks, that big ole tom turkey and whatever else may hopefully pass through. I’m looking forward to an ‘active’ summer of wild life!

Tomorrow Lucas’ baseball team is holding a car wash in the Zehr’s parking lot in Niagara Falls, so Papa Nat and Grandma Twila will head down. Good thing, too, as the van was the recipient of a bit of dust and dirt after driving past the construction site just down the road. We try to avoid it, but now and again it’s unavoidable. Looking foward to seeing Karly and Lucas, as we’ve not seen them in a few weeks. And at least the team should have a beautiful day for their event.


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