Struttin’ His Stuff

Andy came out for a visit on Wednesday morning. As soon as he arrives he notices a big ol’ tom turkey strutting his stuff down by the stream. This turkey was big!! Plus it was the first time Nat and I knew there were wild turkeys in the area. Andy said it was the closest he had ever been to one and we all had a great view of him strutting across the road and down along the other side of the stream. Must admit it was a perfect day for a stroll!!

Being Wednesday afternoon Nat was at his usual golf game and I continued to upload some more files. Slowly but surely I’m getting there.

This morning Nat and I headed off to Hamilton to attend to my mystery shopping thing. After that we headed over to Lee Valley where Nat picked up a few “odds ‘n sods” – a wasp trap (got some hanging outside the patio door), some picture screws (for that heavy mirror over the mantel), and other stuff I’m not familiar with, but as long as Nat knows what to do with them, then that’s okay!! We went to stop for lunch at our usual haunt in Grimsby but a tourist bus beat us to it and filled the place up like you wouldn’t believe, so we headed down to Beamsville where things were just a bit quieter!!

After arriving home we took my bike down to the bike shop to get it fitted for a basket and lock. We can pick it up tomorrow. How sad is that when you start to look forward to a basket being attached to your bicycle!!!! But for some bizarre reason I have a renewed interest in biking now that there’s a good bike trail within close proximity to town and some quaint shops to wander around in. Sometimes it really can be the simpler things in life that renew your spirit!


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