A Tisket, A Tasket …

We took another bike ride along the bike trail behind us on Monday.  This time we headed towards Ridgeway and went west.  We can’t believe how great this trail is and how beautiful it is to ride.  Not a hill in sight, except a very small slope which is nothing, so I’m able to ride for longer than I ever thought I could.  As my knees usually give out at some point, or my hip starts to get achy, I usually have to cut my ride short. Nat and I have now been lasting for close to an hour (even though he could probably do two hours), but for me, that’s really something!!  I’m loving this trail, especially now that it’s just a 5 minute ride into town. I’m really serious now about getting a basket for those days when Nat is golfing and I just want to zip into town to have a look around, or just enjoy the fresh air.

Nat had a chance to go golfing on Tuesday morning so I took advantage and uploaded some more files.  The new FTP program is working pretty good and I’m pleased with it, but I’m having problems with a few of the files.  Not sure why, but I’ll keep looking into it.  It’s still going to take an awful lot of time to get these files uploaded, but will be worth it in the end.

When Nat arrived home we had a bite to eat and then headed down to the bike shop in Fort Erie. I got all excited!!  I’m going to get a basket for the front of my bike, along with a lock, and as soon as I take the bike into the shop they’ll put it on for me!!  This bike shop has a couple of good ones to choose from, and I’m tickled to death that we found one that has a wicker basket with handles sitting inside of a wire basket that is attached to the handle bars.  This is so bizarre!!!  I thought I’d never get excited about a bike basket!!!!  But now I can ride into town, grab my little “Wicket Witch of the West” basket and wander around the shops.  Only I won’t have “Toto” in tow!!  I’d like to think I’m not the “Wicket Witch of the West”, however, as I hardly ever dress in black!!!

Needless to say I won’t feel abandon sometimes when Nat is gone.  It was extremely difficult to hop on your bike in St. Catharines and go somewhere.  The traffic was horrendous, the hills and dales were kind of steep at times and I could never ride over to the Mall.  I would have been taking my life in my hands!!  But now I’ve got the trail behind me and only 5 minutes from the shops downtown. Plus scenery anyone would enjoy.  I’m hoping we’ll get back to the bike shop on Friday. I should take advantage as much as I can before the summer tourists and Americans start to arrive. I can only assume the bikers, roller bladers, joggers and the lot will be out in full force.

Tomorrow we’re headed into Hamilton. I have an errand to run downtown and then we’ll take advantage of being in the area and head over to Lee Valley so Nat can do some shopping for the lawn and garden.  We’ll probably do the lunch thing and if we have time maybe hit Ikea on the way home. So I’m looking forward to that as I’ve been stuck indoors again all day today.  But I uploaded more files – slowly, but surely!!

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