Nice Day For A Drive

Managed to get all of our chores done between Saturday afternoon and this morning.  While Nat did the vacuuming this morning, I wiped down the floors and finished off the laundry.  We now had the rest of the day free for ourselves.  The weather this morning looked a little “iffy” as if it was going to rain, but by noon hour it cleared up and the sun began to shine, despite the fact that it was still quite cool out there.

We ended up donning our jackets and headed down the road to Niagara-on-the-Lake, the long way!! We drove from our house and took Dominion Road straight down to the Niagara River and all along the Niagara Parkway.  It was a gorgeous day for a drive and it was a gorgeous drive.  We had never driven the Parkway up along the Fort Erie way before, but we were quite surprised.  As we drove we naturally hit a few of the  touristy gawkers – the ones that drive reeeeeal slow and both driver and passenger can turn their heads almost 180 degrees to view both sides of the road and then the vehicle begins to sway and veer a bit just over the white lines, or once or twice hit the shoulder and stir up a bit of stone!!  They should give out lessons on how to view those big beautiful homes in a quick and timely manner, or at least teach these guys how to pull over to let the non-gawkers pass by!!  But I digress – we were gawking, too.  There were a few homes I would have loved to see inside of, and then there were a few that really didn’t fit into the “Parkway” design.

We ended up taking a bit more than an hour to reach Niagara-on-the-Lake, but it was worth it.  The day was cool and crisp, the sun was warm and Nat and I had a great stroll along the main street with the rest of the out-of-towners.  We did our usual haunts – the Scottish Loft, Baker, The Copper Leaf and Rocky Mountain Candy Store.

We started off at the Scottish Loft and I found the ring I think I’d like for my 60th birthday!!  A bit out of the normal budget so I may give up the thought.  We also picked up Nat’s dark chocolate biscuits that he can’t find anymore, along with some other imported chocolate bars.  We strolled down the street and finally found him a new golf hat (a “Tilly” one) at By The Lake and I found a new purse (actually it’s a lunch bag, but what the hell, it’s exactly what I was looking for and it looks like a purse until you see the insulation inside!!)  Nat was taken aback at the Bakery – they’ve raised the price of their cookies ($3.00 each!!!!), so he only bought 3.  While he was fainting, I was buying my requisite candy apples at the Rocky Mountain Candy Shop and then we headed home.  Jeese, Louise – at the price of those cookies, I should be setting up shop down there!!!!!

The parking lot that we normally use is now $1.00 an hour, and as we still had an hour left on the meter, we gave our ticket to a couple of guys  waiting to pull into our spot.  Our good deed for the day and they were very pleased at our nice gesture.  So we headed home from whence we came and enjoyed the scenery on the other side of the road!!  All in all, a nice day for a stroll.

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