A Little Something

We ended up spending a good part of Friday in Niagara Falls.  We headed into town with a laundry list for Home Depot – sump pump cover, dryer duct and squirrel deterent for the bird feeder.  Then I had to head over to Foodland for a couple of cakes – I was in the area so what the hell, right???  You can tell I’ve been going there too long, the baker now sees me coming and starts to get the cake ready.  This time, however, I fooled her – I took two!!  One while and one chocolate.  We had a good laugh, but I explained that I have to come in from Ridgeway now, so I’ve been getting an extra one and popping it in the freezer.  You always need “an heir and a spare”.

We also wandered around Winners at Niagara Square on the way home.  After Claudia and Darby’s visit on Thursday and their advice about the mirror, we wanted to see what we could come up with.  We think we found a couple of items and have them sitting on the mantel for a few days to see how we like them.  They were both right – it just needed “a little something” and came up with a couple of good suggestions.  Thanks to the two of them.

As Darby has never been to our new home, we have her the “ten cent tour” and Claudia was alsosable to see the new rug and mirror.  We had a great visit, albeit a short one, but it’s always nice to see any family for any length of time we can.

Today was our usual, but we decided to cut things short and stay home for supper.  I’m kind of getting tired of eating out and we’re both having a hard time thinking of where to go.  We also managed to get a squirrel deterent at Home Hardware, but naturally as soon as nat gets it home, it’s the wrong kind!!  We’ll have to return it tormorrow and see what else we can come up with.  In the meantime, I hope the little buggers are enjoying their last meals.  Also starting to wonder about that little chipmunk.  He has a pretty good appetite, too, and I’m starting to wonder if he’s not a squirrel in disguise!!  Enjoy everyone, as your day’s are numbered for getting to the bird feed!!!


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