So Little Money

Nat’s golf game on Wednesday didn’t go very well.  We ordered pizza from the little pizzeria down the road and sat in front of the telly for supper.  While he was gone in the afternoon I spent my usual time in front of the computer – got caught up on my podcasts, did some uploading and played a few games. Otherwise, I was pretty much brain dead and it was great!!

As the uploading is going kind of slow, I decided to buy an FTP program and did a little research to find a good one for the MAC.  The one I ended up buying is really nice and easy, but alas it still took some time to upload those files.  Most of them went through, but I’ve still got scads more to go.  Will keep plugging away at it.

Today (Thursday) was a real quiet one.  Nat did some odds ‘n sods around the yard, fiddled with the bird feeders.  Those bloody squirrels keep finding their way up the pole so we’re heading into town tomorrow to see what we can find to put on the poles to deter the little buggers!!  Tonight, however, we had our own little “Chip” or “Dale” chipmunk on the feeder.  Nat wasn’t pleased, but I told him it’s the squirrels and those ugly black birds I don’t want to feed!!  Sorry, but chipmunks are just too cute to get mad at!!

Going to head into Niagara Falls tomorrow and see about rain barrels.  Saw a news item tonight and we think it’s about time we invested in one.  Should be good for around the little garden we plan for the back yard.  Plus, as usual, I have a list the length of my arm of things I want to look at, for or just plain buy!!  Everytime I turn around that little list just keeps stretching and stretching.  I’ve said it before – so many things, so little money!!!!


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