Back To Nature

A slow day on Friday, but it was another beautiful day so we tried to find things outdoors to do. I also managed to get some chores done (or at least started).

We were also talking to our neighbour, Wayne in the early evening and he noticed some deer prints in our culvert out front. He was telling us that the deer are known to wander up this way and have even been noticed in our back yard and his. I suppose the little forest beside us would shelter quite a few of them, along with the forest behind the houses across the street from us. Officer Doan informed us the deer are known to appear in quite a few numbers if you wander the trail off of Burleigh Road. Nat and I are going to have to get on our bikes to do some exploring one of these evenings and see what we can find.

I suppose we’re becoming “nature lovers” a little bit more than ever, now. We’re discovering bull frogs in the little stream behind us, the deer are wandering about and we’ve put out a couple of bird feeders, along with a bird bath, to see what shows up. We have so many of the little things in our back yard in the evenings, and there seems to be quite a variety from finch to red wing black birds.

Today was a much busier day. As I had my bone density test at 8:45 am (had to get up a 7:00 am!!!!!!), we decided to take advantage of the trip to St. Catharines so we made a list of additional places to go afterwards. After my test we headed over to our favourite bakery and were just in time as the baker was bringing out some hot fresh kaisers from the oven. Yummmm!! As we were in the area we headed over to Claudia and Darby’s and got them out of bed. It was only 9:00 am and they were taking advantage of a quiet day themselves. We had a great visit and got caught up on their adventures (their trip to Detroit), along with other things they’ve been up to. It was great seeing both of them, as we’ve not seen either of them in quite awhile. Everyone’s so busy lately we can only get together at birthday parties anymore!!

After leaving the Pierson home we headed off for lunch, then over to 4th Avenue and did the “big box” thing – Michael’s, Best Buy, Golf Town, Superstore – then off to Harvest Barn and homeward bound. We stopped in Niagara Falls for Mark’s Work Wearhouse, and by the time we arrived home it was after 2:30 p.m. So we relaxed for an hour or so and then headed off back down the road to Betty’s for supper. Whew!!!!


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