A Bat Out of Hell

We’re sitting in the living room having our lunch. I look out the window and there’s a squirrel running down the middle of Dominion Road like a bat out of hell. Yes, I said right down the middle!!! And he went quite a distant, too boot!!! I started to laugh so hard I thought I’d pee my pants!!! The little bugger was going faster than I’d ever seen one run – but then again he’s in the middle of Dominion Road – a somewhat busy and main thoroughfare that leads right to Lake Erie!!! Apparently he does this quite frequently according to Nat, whose seen him do this before!! I suppose we really are in the country – the squirrels feel right at home using the main drag!!!

Another gorgeous day, so I headed down to Wal-Mart and picked up some cleaning supplies before Nat would take the van this afternoon for his golf game. Then this afternoon I had a chance to re-arrange the hallway pictures so we could include the individual pictures of Felicia and Bridget which we now have. Turned out pretty good, and I’m ever so grateful to 3M for their picture hanging hooks. Certainly makes life easier if you have to change a group arrangement, which I needed to do this time. I’ve also been fiddling with the wall shelves in the kitchen – can’t seem to quite get there, but it’s a little better than it was. Still going to play around some more.

Nat informs me that he’s headed back to the yard work tomorrow. We now have a gazillion seedling doohinkies on the yard from that bloody huge tree in the back. Nat says he’s going to have to use the lawn mower to get rid of them, so while he’s doing that I’ll take the shears to the umbrella tree out front. Look out tree ’cause here I come!! Hee, hee, a great way to take out any frustrations, I’d say!!! Yes, Nat’s told me what to do and where to cut so it will come back better and more beautiful than ever!! This poor yard has really been neglected and it’s going to take a few treatments of Weed ‘n Feed to clear out the weeds and clean it up. Also, we’ve now hung the Yellow Finch feeder, but no sightings to date. Hope they eventually show up, but suppose it will take a few days for them to know that it’s there. Also going to hang up another bird feeder for some of the other little ones that come around. You should here these guys in the morning – it’s a real chorus out there at 7:00 am!!!!


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