I Want To Break Free

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much quiet. We did our usual chores and running around. Nat is looking for a wheel barrow and we found one he liked at Home Depot in Niagara Falls, but naturally when he got it home there were parts missing. Somehow this just seems to be par for the course whenever we buy something in a “box”. Unless we buy the floor model we never seem to get the entire thing – something is always missing. We now know that the St. Catharines store has them in stock and we’ll head into town this afternoon to get one. We also stayed home that night for supper. Thought we’d save our money, and we couldn’t really think of any place new and exciting to go to.

Sunday was spent with Nat doing more yard work and getting things sorted out in his garage. I on the other hand got the housework done and built-up a shelving unit for the laundry room. Looks pretty good and helps out with some extra storage. It was cheap and easy and stands right over the washing machine, so it’s out of the way and yet handy. When the times comes to renovate the bathroom and laundry area we can use it downstairs or elsewhere in the house, if needed.

Monday I ended up doing a lot of nothing, while Nat continued to get rid of some old plants around the side and in front of the house. I’ve been watching too many decorating shows and was in one of those moods where it was time for a change!! I’m looking to do something with the little shelves in the kitchen. Starting to think that my little collection of “Tea Ladies” is too “old womanish” and I’m looking for something a bit more sleek and modern. Just don’t have the right kind of stuff, so I’ll have to keep looking to see what else can be done. I read in a magazine that the first thing you see when you walk in a person’s home reflects on the rest of the house. That kitchen wall with the “Tea Ladies” on the shelves is very noticeable from the front door and I don’t want them to be “first impressions”. Like I said, I’m in one of those moods!!!! As dearly departed Freddie Mercury would sing: “I want, I want, I want to break free!

This morning Nat is playing golf. My bone density test was rescheduled for today at St. Catharines General but they called – their machine broke, too!!! Along with the one at the Hotel Dieu, I’m starting to think something is going on here!!! So now the damn thing has been set for Saturday morning – early!!! As my test was cancelled and as Nat is in dire need of a break from yard work, I told him to say yes to a game when his buddy called. Nat has had so much exposure to fresh air and along with the laborious work this week, the poor man is asleep in his chair by 6:30 pm. After his golf game today and then tomorrow I’m sure he’ll be exposed out!!!

When he gets home we’ll head back into St. Catharines to pick up his wheel barrow, go to Price Club for a couple of items and then maybe I can divert him over to a decorating store??? I really shouldn’t. When I’m in one of these moods nothing seems to “pop out at me” or “it’s just not quite right”. God, I hate it when I’m like this – can’t make up my mind for love nor money!!!

In the meantime, the construction of those new homes down the street from our house is now in full bloom. The dump trucks, tractor trailors carrying backhoes and diggers and contracting vehicles have been flying by continuously. Oh well, something to watch when there’s nothing else out there!!! Hopefully the dust will settle soon.

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