Won’t You Be My Neighbour?

This morning we had a police officer drive up our driveway in a suburban loaded to the hilt!!! Nat and I were knee deep in cleaning the yard, and getting ready to clean the eaves troughs when we turned around and there he was!! Nat hollered at him “We didn’t do it, it’s not our fault” while I held up my hands wondering what the hell was going on!! Good lookin’, brush cut hair, dark shades and dressed in his summer uniform – he looked good, but intimidating!!

It was another neighbour from across the road!! He was doing his rounds and saw us in the yard and thought he would introduce himself. Mighty nice of him, I’d say!!! He’s one of two policemen that live across the road, along with a fireman, so I think we’re in a pretty safe neighbourhood. We had a nice chat and he sounds like he could tell us some stories about this house!! He was also able to answer some of our questions about a few “odd” things regarding the electricity, the garage door and even the insulation. He was quite tactful about what he said, but did let us know that he had to drag the son home “across the ditch a few times”, and how the son had driven into the garage door (that’s why it was warped). He hinted to us that the two kids liked to party!! Plus he said that Kelly (the Mom) was lucky to be alive after the motorcycle accident she and her ex-husband were in. So Nat and I now understand why so many neighbours are coming around to introduce themselves. It sounds like they may be glad that an “older” couple have moved in and that things will settle down on the corner of Dominion and Pleasant!!! We ain’t lookin’ for no trouble, Officer!!!!

The rest of the day was very productive. First thing this morning Nat spray painted the mirror we found for over the fireplace. Man, did that turn out nice!! Then we got started with the yard work. He even trusted me with the hedge clippers and I was able to chop, chop, chop to my heart’s content!!! While he was cleaning out the evestroughs (which were loaded, by the way), I clipped back some small bushes, chopped down a considerable amount of brush and debris from along our little stream, and even cleared away a lot of over-growth. I had a gay old time. At one point I held up the clippers and hollered at Nat, “anything else you want trimmed??”

I felt so much better that I was able to help out with the yard work. In past years, Nat has hesitated to let me do anything as my skin is so paper thin that if I just look at some brush or bushes I get scratched and start to bleed. I always feel so guilty that he’s out there slaving away, getting sweaty, sore and achy, but today I donned a pair of gardening gloves and went to town!

We were well into our work this afternoon when Floris and Cecil dropped by. We had told them the other day about the little shop on Soddom Road that sells bird seed at extremely low prices and they decided to take the drive over and get stocked up. They then stopped by for a few minutes to see what we were up to. So we had a chance to show them what we’ve been up to since the last time they were here. We were also able to pick their brains regarding some of the plants, as they’re both quite knowledgeable in that department. So another nice day in the neighbourhood!!!!

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