So, Ya Comin’ Over?

Not exactly Nat’s way of spending his day, but he was digging ditches this morning. He’s been busy cleaning out the culvert in front of our house. The previous owner didn’t exactly believe in harming anything belonging to “Mother Nature” so she kind of let things go!! Needless to say, the culvert is a bloody mess and has all kinds of tall grasses, weeds and whatever else growing in it, along with other debris, and it makes life difficult for the drainage water to flow smoothly. So it’s fallen on Nat’s shoulders to clean it up and get the waters flowing at a better pace. We’ve had our bad experience with the sump pump and we don’t exactly want to do it ever again, so we’re going to do whatever it takes to make any surrounding waters leave the premises toote suite!!!!

Shortly after lunch, just as Nat was back at the ditch again, our old neighbours the Bartletts called. As soon as I said “Hello” Floris says “So, you coming over?” We had already cancelled one visit last week because of the falderall over the hot water tank and I felt we could use the break. I confirmed witih Nat and away we went. We were gone a couple of hours, the visit was nice and we had a chance to get caught up on our woes and their goings on. They were anxious to show off their new LCD 40″ TV and get some advice on possibly hanging it up when they were ready. They have two son-in-laws that can help and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it once it’s up. Besides, Floris will then have room to spread out her furniture a bit. She’ll like that.

When we arrived home we initiated the BBQ for the first time this season. I had some nice pork chops set aside and along with baked potatos and a veggie, we enjoyed a good meal. It was such a treat for Nat to just take 5 steps to the BBQ from the kitchen. We’re really going to enjoy this!!! Such a beautiful day today we can only hope that it continues!!

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