The Grill Master’s Back

Nat and I each had a pretty good day today. He’ll disagree, of course, as he golfed this morning and he played horribly!! But at least he was able to get out, enjoy his friends and some beautiful weather.

While he was gone I put some bread in the old bread maker and chopped veggies for a stir fry tonight. I also put away some winter coats for the season and then surfed the net while waiting for the bread. Once the dough was finished rising, I made half a dozen rolls from one half and a small French loaf from the other half.

With some positive brain waves going through his head, Nat cleaned up the barbecue this afternoon. Getting ready for what we hope will be a great summer. As we’ve now got the barbecue about 5 steps from our kitchen, we’re really looking forward to using it and preparing some good meals. I found the BBQ utensils that were still unpacked, cleaned them up and found a good spot for them in the kitchen close at hand for my “Grill Master” that I married!!

The stir fry was pretty damn good. I had to improvise a little, as there was no Soy Sauce, but I threw in some onions, carrots, celery, broccoli and chicken pieces, while Nat mixed up some (chicken) Bisto and water for a very flavorful sauce. Along with some nice warm bread from the oven, we had a delicious and healthy meal. I actually haven’t done a good stir fry for quite some time and it was a real treat. Nothing like a good meal after a good day!


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