The Morning After …

Somehow Nat and I made it through the rest of Saturday. Despite the fact that I couldn’t stop yawning, I managed to make it through lunch without banging my head on the table. Nat managed to buy the battery back-up for the sump pump and was working downstairs to see what else may or may not be needed. Naturally, he had his doubts and felt more parts might be needed. He was going to check with Bill.

That evening we headed into Niagara Falls for supper and were disappointed in our meals. What the hell, it was par for the course this weekend!! We then settled in for the evening and again, there was nothing on television but we channel surfed long enough to kill the evening. For once I made Nat watch one of the hockey playoff games, even though the Maple Leafs hadn’t made it through to the finals. It was better than watching something else that we had already seen, insulted your intelligence or was just geared to the young and immature. I still couldn’t stop yawning and hit the hay early.

Today was a little more productive. Nat and I were still really sore from kneeling on the cement floor, bending over and baling and lugging water back and forth like Jack and Jill. I finished off the laundry and cleaned the house while Nat and Bill were downstairs checking things out. Bill had been to his cottage for a couple of evenings and naturally missed all of the excitement. His cottage is north of North Bay and he woke up Saturday morning to snow. We told him our tale of woes and he said he’d be more than willing to get us set up so we would have some sort of peace of mind down the road. He’s a very clever, intelligent and fun-loving man (and cute to boot!!). Nat and I are more than grateful for his help and will have to compensate him for his time and attention somehow. Maybe I can put together a little basket of goodies for his family.

So the adventure continues until at least we get the battery backup installed. Then we’ll start to save our pennies for a generator. We’ve been told they’ve been more than lifesavers down this way, but because of their price tag it may take us awhile. Just seems to be one thing after another – and all unexpected. I’m beginning to wonder if and when we’ll get back to the things we had intended to fix and update in our new home. Our money has gone for other things, but I suppose we should count our blessings. What we’ve done so far is pretty good and we can at least live with the rest of it. If anything, we now have a new furnace, new hot water tank, working sump pump, new siding and eaves at the back, along with a new garage door. Just the things a woman wants!!!!!


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