Taking The Bull By The Horns

Nat’s golf league finally started on Wednesday afternoon and he was thrilled. So I was back into my usual routine of sitting behind the computer monitor, watching my video podcasts and doing whatever it is that I can find to do. I managed to make some major headway on my new project and even explored a couple new web sites. It felt good to be back to an old familiar routine.

Today (Thursday) was another matter!! One little problem has finally bugged the hell out of me long enough and I had to deal with it. There are three rooms in this house with window treatments that were hung in a hurry when we moved in. They were never pressed nor checked for length. They were just hung!!! We were in dire need of drapes for privacy reasons and as there were other pressing matters that had to be dealt with, the drapes were the least of our worries. So today I took the bull by the horns!!

While Nat was off to the big City on business, I took down the bedroom and dining room drapes. I managed to get them ironed despite the fact that it took some real elbow grease on my part – the creases were well set in by about now – and I took down the hems. I was only able to get the two rooms done, as it was difficult to maneuver the drapery rods on my own, but I managed. Now that the hems have been lowered they look so much better and I’m quite pleased with myself. Now I only have to tackle the living room and I’ll have peace of mind!!

Nat had returned home in time for lunch and during the afternoon (while I was knee deep in drapery threads) he finished off his yard work. He managed to fill another six bags of leaves while at the same time chatting up our neighbour’s wife. We’ve met Wayne and now he, at least, has met his wife, Barb. He’s also discovered that Wayne is a “brother in arms” (otherwise a GM employee) and works in the same plant that Nat did. So it looks and sounds like we’ve got great neighbours all around us and that warm small town feeling is starting to take over. Nice!!

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