Let There Be Heat – Finally!

Today was absolutely gorgeous, weather wise. So I was more than thrilled to get out of the house and get into St. Catharines. I headed out to Gail’s first and delivered some magazines and CDs. We had a great visit, albeit a little short.

On the way home Nat wanted me to stop in at Harvest Barn and pick up a special jam he likes. No problem!! But I also picked up some great looking corn on the cob to go with the homemade hamburgers tonight, along with some cherry tomatoes, baby potatos, mint leaves (the sugary, ooey, gooey kind and not the herb!!), and an ooey, gooey treat for Nat’s tea later on tonight. Oh, yes and I found the jam. It goes without saying you don’t walk through Harvest Barn and just pick up a jar of jam!!!

I then headed down the road to Michael’s for a few things I naturally didn’t need, but it made me feel better and that’s all that counts, right?? My bone density test got cancelled – the machine broke – so I took my little sandwich that I had packed and went to McDonald’s for some french fries. I sat in their parking lot to eat my little lunch and watched the traffic come and go from the Wal-Mart store and kind of had a nice quiet time of it. A little weird, but who cares!!

When I arrived home Nat was well into raking the back lawn. Old dead leaves and debris in oodles of little piles all over the place. And of course the gas man or the new part for the hot water tank hadn’t shown either. So we continued on with the afternoon – Nat finishing up the lawn (9 bags of leaves and counting!!) and I puttered in the kitchen. As it turned out the gas man arrived closer to 4:00 pm amid a bit of confusion about the part – it was to be delivered directly to our house. Long story short – it was put in the mail box long after Nat had picked up the mail – and the whole matter was resolved. Part not needed, gas man checketh meter and the good Lord said “let there be heat”. God bless us everyone!!!

Now, if Moses comes along and parts the waters in our little stream out back – we’re in big trouble!!!!

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