Good News, Bad News

Good news – The kids all arrived around 10:00 this morning and we all had a great time. There were plenty of goodies – banana bread, chocolate chip muffins, assorted cookies and mini-cupcakes (with candles for the birthday girl). And naturally during all of the chitter chatter our good neighbour Bill dropped by to fix the sump pump. The poor boy was really embarrassed when he discovered we were having a get together, but we assured him this was not on the schedule when he offered to help us out, and that we were more than grateful for whatever he could do. So Nat spent the 20 minutes or so with him downstairs while the rest of the adults “talked amongst themselves” upstairs. After Nat and Bill were finished, we continued on with the munchies and chitter chatter while Susan opened her gift and cards. Around 11:30 they were all away to carry on with the rest of their activities – Lucas was off to baseball camp, Tom had chores, Karly had work tonight and the rest of the grandkids had homework.

The Bad News – Shortly after the kids left, the contractors showed up to install the new hot water tank. Things seemed to be going pretty good at first. Footsteps up and down the stairs, banging and clanging downstairs along with some muttering here and there. A couple hours later Nat comes up to tell me the boys can’t get the tank to light. They tried everything they knew about, along with consulting the manual and even calling into their manager for suggestions, but to no avail. Nat and I are now getting a little worried that this thing is not going to happen today!!! The installers put in a service call and assured us someone would call us back soon, and away they went!!! Apparently these two young men usually worked the Toronto area, but for some reason they were running all around the Niagara Peninsula doing repairs this weekend and their next stop was Port Colborne (after just coming from Grimsby). So Nat and I sat and waited!!

When the call finally came about a half hour later, we were told that someone would be by between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm today. As of this writing Nat and I are still sitting and waiting ….

Please God, let there be heat ….

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