Men, It’s Raining Men

The past couple of days have been beautiful weather wise. So Nat’s finally been able to open up the garage door, leave the van in the driveway, and muck about all he wants in order to get it organized. He was spending most of Tuesday in the garage when Claudia stopped by. She was in the area on a call and came by to see what we were up to. It was great seeing her and, as she’s not been here since we physically moved in, we gave her the grand tour. It was only shortly after she left that our old neighbour, Nick, dropped by. He, too, was in the area and popped in for a drink and visit. Always a nice day when good people drop by!!

On Wednesday we finally had the rest of the roof, siding and eaves repaired. The contractors came by to finish what had been started some weeks back and it made for a hustle, bustle kind of day. Nat was still organizing the garage and wandering around keeping an eye on the repairs, while I wandered down to Wal-Mart to get out of the way. I managed to pick up a couple of items that I needed and a couple of items that I really didn’t need – but what the hell, I’ll make use of them!! When I returned the house was surrounded by cube vans, trailers, saws, materials and men – lots of men!! It wasn’t long after that that they blew out of town as fast as they blew in. They still have to return one more time to get the fence done.

Continuing on with get things accomplished, Nat and I went into Niagara Falls this morning and purchased some new outdoor lights. We need to update the ones on either side of the garage door, the one above the front door and Nat needed some better lighting for over his soon-to-be work bench. And now this afternoon he’s wandered down to the driving range to get loosened up for his first game of golf (hopefully) this next Wednesday. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed shall we for really half decent weather!!!! He’s so anxious to get out and have a game. Meanwhile I’m going to wrap a birthday present, finish off some office work and then before I know it, it will be time for supper. I can loose track of time while working in the office, as I find so much to do. But speaking of supper I’d better think of something real quick, as I’ve pulled nothing out of the freezer. Mmmmmm, what will I do???

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