Getting Antsy

Aside from doing a couple of errands, the past couple of days have been quiet and somewhat boring. Nat’s struggling to find things to do around the house without having to use something from his tool box! He’s so anxious for the better weather to get here that I think he’s going to scream. He wants to get his tools and hardware unpacked in the garage in order to get it organized so he can start working away on his “To Do” list for outdoors. Plus he’s got a couple of little things for me yet to do in the house, and again, the warmer weather would be an asset. I’m getting anxious to have the new mirror we bought sprayed painted and hung above the fireplace, So we sit and we wait!!

After groceries this morning and our usual lunch, I banged away at cleaning the house. It’s nice to get it done on the weekend and I can concentrate on my other little projects during the week. I’m also finding this home quite easy to clean as everything is on the main floor and I’m not having to do the place in “shifts” like I had to in St. Catharines. I did, however, today take the time to give the downstairs a quick once-over, as I was down there for something else and thought what the hell I’m here already!! Besides there are maybe 3 things down there that need dusting!! It’s that age old scenario of starting off to take something downstairs for storage and you end up side-tracked doing something else before returning to where you started upstairs!!!! I still manage to get it down, though!!!

This evening we headed down to Murphy’s Restaurant in Port Dalhousie. Hadn’t been there in some time and our usual waitress had missed us! They’ve got a new Chef and we could tell by a couple of subtle differences in our dishes. Apparently they’ve hired one from the Culinary School and it looks like he’s going to put his own little stamp on things. Our meals were still delicious, but I think he still needs to do some tweaking. The grilled chicken breast I ordered wasn’t pounded and grilled to tender perfection like the last Chef would do. This young man just left the chicken breast whole and subsequently part of it was overcooked because of its unevenness. We had also noticed that there were a different variety of “greens” in my salad which was nice, and Nat’s vegetable stir fry had certain veggies cut on the bias, which is taught in culinary school. Nat and I both remarked we’ve been watching too many Restaurant Makeovers and cooking shows!! All in all we had a nice meal and a nice time.

I’m now in the office (how can you tell???) and I’ve finally got a couple pictures of the grandkids retouched in iPhoto and hung up. I was anxious to get Susan’s pictures of their trip to Florida as she had some great shots of the kids. Now the office is full of pictures I love to look at – all of the grandkids, my sisters and brother, along with nieces and nephews. I can look to the left or right of me in the office now and smile. That’s never a bad thing!!!

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