Here We Go Again!!!

After our two days in North Bay, Nat and I used Wednesday as a down day. We were tired from driving straight through from North Bay the day before – not even stopping for a bite to eat – and decided to just do whatever we felt like. So I decided to get a head start on baking for Easter, while Nat decided to go into Niagara Falls for a walk around Canadian Tire.

As evening drew near we settled in to watch some of our favourite shows. We began by watching a news show as there was nothing else on at that particular time slot, and just as we were getting into the story, our satellite went down!!!! There were some snow flurries in our area, but we didn’t think it was enough to knock the satellite out for a couple of hours!!! We were really disappointed, as we were looking forward to a couple of “new” episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and (my favourite) Men In Trees. Not being able to just “sit there”, and concluding that the satellite was going to be out for awhile, I decided to get some baking ingredients ready and set up to finish in the morning. I managed to get 3 kinds of cookie ingredients ready to just add the wet ingredients, then drop on a baking sheet and pop in the oven. This would save me at least half an hour the next day. Once that was done Nat and I had the usual discussion about our options of whether to stay with satellite or go with cable. We’re getting quite frustrated as this year the satellite has been going off more than usual, and naturally your satellite company won’t rebate you any “down” time!! Plus this always seems to happen when you finally manage to find something good to watch on television. God forbid it should go down during a repeat show that you’ve decided to watch because there really was nothing else on.

The satellite slowly came back up after 11:00 pm and Nat was at least able to catch some of the nightly news, while I went to bed to read.

This morning (Thursday) I got back to my baking. I popped some Krispy Krunch cookies in the oven, along with some Peanut Butter and then rolled the dough out for the Coconut Sugar so I could get it chilled and ready to bake on Friday. I was extremely pleased with getting so much done and having prepped the night before helped a great deal. During all of this Nat was outside on the ladder trying to dislodge a mega amount of twigs in the vent going to our main bathroom.

Every morning for quite some time we’ve been hearing a little birdie busy as a bee in that little corner of our house building what we only assumed was going to be a nest. When Nat was able to get in there he discovered that there were twigs going way, way back into that vent and it was going to be a struggle to get them out, but he managed to do so with some ingenuity and determination. After that he headed down to the hardware store and purchased a new vent to install that came with a mesh cover to prevent any further nest building by our little flying friends!! Yes, we’ve destroyed a possible new home for some possible new little fledglings about to be born this Spring, but hey, it’s a big yard and they’ll find something even better I’m sure!!!! We all have to make compromises sometime in our lives – this time it’s for the birds!!!

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