Achy, Breaky Back

The past several days have been somewhat agonizing. Along with being just a bit bored, I’ve developed a pinch nerve in my lower right back. It turns out to be the same thing Nat had sometime ago, and it truly is painful. Just as you’re walking along it gives you a good jolt, as if you’ve been tasered, and you buckle over in pain. I’ve always prided myself in never having back problems and not really being able to sympathize with those that did. I could only imagine the pain by the look in someone’s face when they had back pain – but that imagination has now become reality, and bloody hell it’s wicked!!!

Needless to say, I’ve tried to be active – Nat’s physiotherapist said exercising is crucial – but it’s a struggle. Nat was given some stretching exercises and I’m going to give them a try – anything is worth a try!! Plus knowing how I did this or developed this is a question I’d like answered – so I won’t do it again – but apparently it can happen to almost anyone. Hopefully it will disappear as quickly as it appeared – but we all know that ain’t gonna happen!!!! In my experience it’s always longer in leaving than it is in arriving!!! So we’ll give it the old college try and hope like hell those exercises work as well for me as they did for Nat!!!

Bonnie and I are headed up to Hamilton shopping tomorrow and I’m determined come what may to make it around that mall!!! I’ve been so looking forward to getting out with her and doing some shopping with another woman. Nat’s not a shopper and it’s difficult for him to understand my methods. Bonnie and I are practically in sync sometimes with our methods and we know exactly what stores to look at and what to scan and what to leave behind. I’m beginning to think that I’m going to miss being so close to shopping malls and the like after moving to Ridgeway, but on the other hand, I’ll save Nat some money!! No harm in that, is there???

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