I’ll Take What I Can Get!

Discovered today that I’ve dropped a whole pant size!!!! What could make a woman happier – other than dropping several pant sizes – but we’ll take what we can get for now!! Nat and I went into Niagara Falls to do a couple of errands and as we were in the area we dropped into Niagara Square. I decided to try on a pair of pants that were on sale in one of my favourite stores and what to my surprise but I went down a size. So far this is making my day!!!!

What we were originally looking for was a stove top grill, and the one we found was at Linens ‘n Things for $30.00 more than their online U.S. web site. We were quite ticked off to say the least, with the Canadian dollar being worth a wee bit more than the U.S. dollar now. We sort of assumed that most U.S. stores with Canadian branches would have their inventory in sync to a certain degree. Even if this grill was a few dollars more, we would have understood – Canadians have extra duties, taxes and the like – but this was $30.00 – half the price of the U.S. grill. So we decided to walk away as we were in no hurry. Summer is right around the corner and we’ll be using the BBQ now that it’s right outside our patio doors. I suppose it’s cheaper for us to slip across the border and find this item in it’s U.S. store, which is what we may end up doing!!

After our little shopping trip we headed back home, had lunch at our usual pit stop and am now settled in for the afternoon. I’ll probably get more archiving done and Nat’s going to scrape off what he can of the ice that fell with the snow on Saturday. But it sure felt good to get out of the house on what’s turning out to be a relatively nice sunny day!!!


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