Oh, But It’s So Beautiful

Nat and I woke up this morning, along with millions of others, to a huge white winterland outside. Our roadways had been well plowed already, so Nat headed out to do his second round of the driveway. He also took time to clear off the back patio (once he was able to get to it through snow up to his knees). The snow had drifted and built up so much against the patio doors that we would have struggled to get out in an emergency, plus we were worried once it started to melt and where the excess moisture might seep to. We also had a huge build-up around the satellite dish and he took the time to knock that down. We have enough trouble with satellite signals during storms, we didn’t need the dish being plugged up!!

I took advantage of the “snow-bound” day by doing the last of the laundry and a real good house cleaning. Felt good to get that major chore done and now I’ve got the rest of the week to do what I want.

Near the end of the afternoon we settled in and watched the last of a golf tournament we had picked up on Saturday afternoon. Nat’s now anxious to get out on the practice range and get loosened up for his golf games that start in four weeks. He’s so ready to get out on the golf course, it’s not funny!!!!

We’ll try and escape the house on Monday. We’ve been house bound for almost three days now and even I’m chomping at the bit to get out. I’ve been sitting around so much that my lower back is getting kinky and that’s not a good thing!!! Like Nat with his golf, I’m now anxious to get on my bicycle and head down some of the local trails around us, and that IS a good thing!!!


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