Snowy Days & Sunday

Despite the fact that it’s actually Saturday, we’ve been thinking it’s Sunday. The snow began to fall in spades last night and so this morning when we awoke, Nat and I determined we were going to be house bound for the day. We sat around for an hour this morning and then Nat decided to tackle the driveway. He and some of our neighbours had the same idea – to get that first huge layer of snow scraped away so when the second wave comes it won’t be so bad. So while he was out I did a couple loads of laundry, and it was now looking to be our usual Sunday morning routine – albeit Nat doesn’t clear the driveway every Sunday morning, but it was close enough to mix us around a bit!!

We even stayed put today for lunch – our usual routine of Tim Horton’s and Wendy’s was thwarted because of the road conditions. I was content just to stay put and fix something at home, thank-you very much!! Nat, however, did forge ahead down to the local drug store and picked up a paper – he needed his weekly crossword to occupy what may be a long afternoon.

And a long afternoon it was – Nat read the paper and started his crossword puzzle, while I dug back into scanning some documents into the computer (my latest project). In between times I would see how Nat was doing in the living room and maybe turn on the TV for a minute or two. As there really isn’t much on, I headed back to the office to continue with what was turning out to be a tedious job!!

Nat’s now got the golf game on and supper is going to be corned beef on rye sandwiches with homemade french fries. We’ll fix up our supper and settle in to watch the last of the golf game and then we’re down for the evening. Hockey game tonight and as the Leafs are on a somewhat “good” streak, Nat should be happy. I’ll probably end up listening to some of my podcasts or continue on with the scanning – we’ll see which way the wind blows!!!

As for that “second” wave of the storm they were predicting, so far so good. We received some sleet mid-afternoon and the winds have now picked up a bit, but so far no snow. We can only hope that it’s going to miss us or that it’s petered out!! But I won’t jinx things and will let sleeping dogs lie.

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