Snuggle Up, Baby

As I posted on Tuesday, Wednesday morning Nat and I laid down the new area rug for the living room. Naturally once most of the furniture was cleared from the room, I took advantage and gave the floor a good cleaning. Can’t have a new rug lay on a dusty floor, can we!!! And I must say, the rug looks pretty darn good. The colours co-ordinate, the size is pretty good (would have liked an inch or two wider) and the pattern is perfect!! Can’t say much more than that.

Thursday afternoon we took a trip into Niagara Falls. I had to get some office supplies and I just wanted to get out for an hour or so. While there we also took a walk around Home Depot to look for possible ideas for future projects. So the time wasn’t completely wasted. Along with wanting to get the exterior of the house cleaned up, we also want to get good plans in the works for redoing that bathroom. Really want to take our time on this one – may have to replenish our pocketbooks from time to time, as this may not be cheap!!

This morning, after hearing on the news about a good snow storm headed our way, we trekked down to the grocery store a day early. The news said the storm would probably hit around 10:00 am, but it was starting as soon as we were heading out. We didn’t need a lot, but we got stocked up in case we were going to be house bound for a day or two. By the time we were finished, which was just under half an hour, the snow was really starting to fall. We could tell it was certainly going to be a miserable next couple of days and for once the weather man wasn’t far off. So we’ll snuggle up with a good book and/or the newspaper, some good food, and take advantage of a bad day by making it a good day. Why fret the little stuff !!


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