My Left Foot

Yesterday took its toll on this ‘ole body of mine. Once Nat and I settled in for the evening my left foot started to throb. It was extremely painful and I had a hard time understanding why just my left foot, but then I remembered something. Quite a few months back I had dropped that can of peas on that foot and having broken a lot of those little “pin” bones, it took the longest time to heal, plus the swelling lingered for weeks. So now I can only conclude that my left foot, once overly exercised or walked on for an extensive period of time, is going to give me some trouble. I knew I should have worn my good running shoes, but too little, too late!!

So this morning, after a really good night’s sleep, I baked some blueberry muffins for my dear hubby, and then just hung about the house. This afternoon, Nat, getting a little antsy, decided to head out and have a wander around the Home Hardware and Canadian Tire stores in Fort Erie. When he arrived home he was telling me he had also stopped at Rosehill Auctions and had discovered (what he thought might be) a pretty decent area rug for the living room and, at a really decent price. We had sort of stopped looking for one for the time being and were going to pick up the search again in the Spring, hoping new inventory would re-invigorate us. So I stepped back into the old walking shoes and coat and headed back down the road to check this one out. Turns out his find was really good and, ten minutes later we were walking out the door with rug in hand!! So now we both know what we’ll be doing tomorrow morning – moving furniture out, wiping down the floor, and hoping like hell the rug looks as good as we think it’s going to!!!!

For what was going to be a quiet day turned out to be pretty productive. I’m thinking I may have to send Nat out again to “have a wander about”. He’s getting pretty good at this!!


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