Keep Up, Girls!!

After being house-bound for a few days, I finally had a chance to break out and it felt great!! Gail, Bonnie and I trotted across the border and headed over to Walden Galleria Mall to see how long it would take us to conk out!!

All three of us actually held up pretty good and each managed to do a little damage money wise. I found a couple of blouses, along with a couple of Easter gifts for two of my grandchildren, while Bonnie and Gail also found an item or two of clothing. We were overwhelmed at the length of the Mall and at our ages it was a real challenge to hop, skip and jump from one end to the other, but we managed to creep, crawl and drag ourselves to most of the stores. We made a couple of errors in judgment – I was sure one store was downstairs and headed that way but couldn’t find it, so then we headed upstairs and sure enough we discovered it was, in fact, downstairs!!! At my age an extra trip back and forth and up and down ain’t exactly thrilling.

We each took turns sitting on a bench whenever the opportunity presented itself, along with a nice lunch and later on a snack and drink at Mrs. Fields’. So after trying with all of our mights to muster up a wee bit more energy to finish off at Macy’s we headed for home around 4:30 pm. Not bad for three old gals who use to be able to “shop ’til they dropped”!! In our dear little minds we were still shopping, it was just our wobbly legs and backs that started to scream in outrage to go home. I’m sure any younger person would have howled with laughter at the moans, groans and “ahhs” that were made as each one of us sat down in the van at the end. But hey, we’re all well over 50 years of age now and I think have each earned a few moans and groans now and again!!!

Coming and going across the border was painless and we each felt the trip was a successful one. Now, if we can just come up with a Mall just as nice as Walden Galleria, but just a wee bit shorter in length, I think we could each do some serious damage!! So may each one of us get a good night’s sleep and well-rested for our next great adventure – the Golden Girls just may hit the road again, so beware!!!!


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