Better Safe Than Sorry

The past few days have been quiet. The weather has curtailed most of our activity, but we’ve at least had some more repairs done to our new little home. It’s been awhile since that tree fell in our back yard and getting the insurance claim worked out, but the siding and eaves trough have now been repaired at long last. The small patch of roof will be fixed as soon as the weather settles down and the hole in the fence will be repaired once the cedar planks are in. We’re both feeling much better about the whole thing, as we were getting worried with every rain or snow storm that befell us. The rain especially would spill out over the back eaves and drip away like water torture down the side of the house. Plus we were convinced the holes in the siding were allowing moisture and whatever else to get in between, which is not a good thing.

Naturally we stayed put during the repairs, but managed to do our grocery shopping on Friday this week, rather than our usual Saturday. Again, winter storms were in the forecast and we decided to get out while the sun was still shining. As usual, we never did get the worst of the predicted storms, but better safe than sorry.

So today (Saturday), we’ve stayed put again, except for Nat going into St. Catharines to register for the Rangers Golf Club. He’s now excited and looking forward to getting out to play golf, as he’s not even had a chance to get to the practice range this winter. Whenever we were in Florida he would hit the practice range behind our condo almost every day in order to keep warmed up. We’d have a game or two, also just to keep limber and the exercise was great, but this winter has held us back substantially. It’s hard to tell today with the snow covered yards all around us, but Spring really is just around the corner and we’re both very excited about that. We’re starting to feel like a couple of hibernating bears – and we’re getting a wee bit growly to boot!!!!

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