Ahhh, The Good Life!

It’s absolutely amazing what one can do when one is in a great mood on a snowy, drizzly day!! I’m living proof. Knowing it was going to snow today I decided last night that I would take advantage of the bad weather and bake. I also had sort of preplanned supper – a nice chicken, ham and tomato salad. Then I thought what the hell I can pop some bread in the old bread maker and let it do its’ thing!!

Usually when I decide to take on such tasks and whilst in the middle of everything I can get frazzled, but today went really, really well. I had the Oatmeal Chip cookies ready to bake, the dough was mixing away in the bread maker and the chicken breasts were thawing for the salad. I couldn’t believe how organized everything went. I had the cookies baking while Nat and I fixed lunch and the bread was still working away. After lunch I finished off the cookies, popped the chicken in the toaster oven and then put the bread dough aside to rise. I had decided to make rolls for supper instead of french loaves. By 2:30 pm everything was done – including the vegetables, chicken and ham all diced and sliced for the salad.

During all of this Nat was keeping an eye on the trades for the hockey teams, especially any goings on for his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. So far no major news and we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

It’s been a great day – lots accomplished and the kitchen smells wonderful, and we’re settling in for another quiet night. Ahhh, the good life!!!!

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