Happy Birthday To Me!

Sunday was nice. Nat and I spent most of the day doing our usual chores – laundry, cleaning, etc. in anticipation of the kids coming for supper that evening. It was going to be a late celebration of my birthday – not that I particularly cared to celebrate a second time! Nothing like being reminded twice that you’re now just one year away from turning 60!!!

The day of my actual birthday, as stated earlier, was spent with my darling husband, as it was a cold, snowy and all round yucky day out. We managed to slip out to the Mandarin for supper and that was just fine by me. Celebration over. However, because of the bad weather and prior commitments, the kids couldn’t make it that weekend, so we invited them to supper when their schedules and the weather permitted – which turned out to be last night. Nat and I cooked our specialty – pork tenderloin with mashed potatos, gravy and vegetables. Tender, juicy and just plain yummy – what can I say!!!! We know it’s a hit when the kids go back for seconds!!

I also laid out a nice desert table – the requisite chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate coconut macaroons, almond crunch and banana bread. The grandkids always eye the desert table as soon as they arrive and they make me feel great whenever I can muster up a “goodie bag” to take home. That’s the best part of being a granny – the smiles on their four faces along with remnants of chocolate chips and banana bread around their lips!!! I can never get enough of that!!

This time it was a pleasure cleaning up. Usually Nat is stuck in the kitchen doing dishes, with one of the girls drying and Shawn and I clearing the rest of the table. After this meal we were able to load the dishwasher and sit down after supper with the kids and enjoy their company along with a good cup of tea and a cookie or two!! So the evening was most enjoyable for everyone.

Today, Nat and I were willing to get out and enjoy what seemed to be half decent weather, but our brain cells weren’t producing any ideas. So we’re hanging around the house – I’m baking more chocolate chip cookies and Nat is cutting some matte board for me for our dining room pictures. He’s also going for a walk later to at least get some exercise. We’re anticipating being stuck in the house again on Tuesday as they’re predicting another good snow storm headed our way. Oh goody, goody, goody. As if we’ve not seen enough of that stuff this year!!!!! Nat and I are now chomping at the bit for the arrival of Spring. We’re anxious to get our bikes dusted off so we can head on down the trail that’s a block away from our house and which apparently leads right down to Lake Erie. We’re getting ready to shed those winter pounds that somehow snuck up on us!!!

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