Hung Forever, Baby!

Friday being a day where snow covered most of Fort Erie and Ridgeway, we decided to stay put and take advantage of a “free” day to hang some photographs. Now whenever Nat and I decide to tackle a project, be it big or small, we tackle it with some trepidation. In the past, despite the fact that we’ve successfully completed projects together, it’s not been without some discussions before, during and after.

After laying out the “grouping design” on the dining room table, we gathered our supplies and away we went. The only problem we encountered was that one photograph was hard to hang as you had to take a step down the stairs and, naturally, the further down you went the higher up you had to reach to hang it level with the ones to the left. Nat tried as he might to get his ladder to contort to where we wanted it to go, but being aluminum it just wouldn’t bend!!! He even tried to lay some 2 x 4’s on the stairs to level them off for the ladder, but again, to no avail. He was actually starting to scare me as to the plans he was coming up with. The task was made even more difficult when trying to level the three pictures we had hung beside each other. However, after some tricky moments, along with his left hand grabbing onto the corner wall and a leg and foot stepping on the hand rail, we managed to get the “furthest away” photo hung up. After that, the rest fell into place quite nicely!!

Naturally our little project that should have taken about an hour, took almost three!! But we’re pleased with the results and trust me, those pictures are now there for posterity or at least until those Command picture tapes come loose!!!


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