Mission Accomplished

The past few days have been boring, as we’re still trying to shake our colds. We bundled up and took a trip to Price Club on Tuesday where we dropped more bucks than we cared to. We usually make two kinds of runs – one for meat, fish and food stuff – the other for paper products (Kleenex, tissues, paper towels, etc.). Having gone through more kleenex than either of us care to think about these past few weeks, we were in dire need of a “paper” run. Now living a little further afield, however, we also decided to “top” up the meat and fish supplies in order to make the trip really worth while. At least now we’re stocked up and good to go for quite sometime, hopefully!!

On Wednesday, knowing it was going to be a good day, weather wise, we made the excuse of hand-delivering our house insurance payment and took a trip to Fonthill. We also decided to wander around The Log Cabin while in the area and were sort of disappointed. Not having been there in quite some time, we discovered that the gift shop area has downsized and is only now half of what it use to be. They’ve also increased their inventory of small furniture and art work, which was nice, but a little out of our taste. We still had a nice time perusing what was there and it was a chance at least to get some fresh air, which was our original intent. So, I suppose, mission accomplished.

Being on a roll and also having a wee bit of “Mall withdrawal”, along with guilt about leaving Nat at home, I asked him to drive me to the Pen Centre this morning for a look around. Again, not having been there in quite some time I was curious as to any new Spring arrivals, if any, in certain stores. Certain items were starting to trickle in, and I managed to buy a couple pairs of pants, along with a top, and my spirits were somewhat perked by doing so!!

Upon arriving home and still with perky spirit, I popped a coconut loaf in the oven for Nat. Something fresh and warm from the oven for his evening tea. A just reward, I felt, for his patience in tagging along behind me while browsing through the womens’ department. Little missions accomplished are better than no missions accomplished!!


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