God, I Feel Crappy!!

The last few days have really been wasted. This cold has taken a good grip on me, and while Nat’s is starting to clear up, mine is at the stage where no sleep will be had!!! So, because of that we decided to stay put, although it’s killing us. The boredom has set in, the weather hasn’t been conducive to even go for a drive and there’s not too much else we can do around the house at the present. Even if there was, we’re not quite in the mood to even putter!!

Friday morning Nat was out getting a hair cut, getting the van gassed up and washed and I started to get some pictures organized for the stairway wall. Saturday, I was really feeling crappy, so Nat went and got groceries on his own and the rest of the afternoon was spent doing the Saturday crossword. Going out for our usual supper that evening was also wasted. Along with having the chills and keeping my coat on in the restaurant, I didn’t enjoy my meal, let alone finish it. So we scurried home, slipped into our track suits and snuggled by the fire. A long night for me, as I couldn’t settle down, wasn’t in the mood to even muck about on the computer while the hockey game is on, so I laid on the sofa under the down duvet and dozed off whenever my body would relax enough for me to do so. God I hate having a cold!!!!

Today was another wasted one. We thought we were in for that freezing rain so we had preplanned to stay in and organize the photos we decided to hang. However, we never did get the freezing rain – just the rain – and I could hardly get any ambition about me to look at pictures, let alone hang them, so that little task went by the wayside for another day. The laundry was also neglected – only managed to get one load done. How exciting are we???? Now with Monday being a holiday, it may again be difficult for us to get out, as most places will be closed. Another day in and another day down!! God how exciting are we????


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