Oh, The Misery!

It’s now official – I’ve got that bloody cold back. Nat is still suffering, but he has a tougher constitution than I – plus a strong immune system!!! Anyways, I guess it looks like an uncomfortable and somewhat miserable next couple of weeks.

On the upswing, however, my quarterly visit with Dr. Broski was a good one. After St. Joe’s, I could only assume that Broski would be pleased too, and pleased he was. I’m on a roll, and only hope that I stay that way for some time to come. I’m due for a bone density test in April, but my last one was so good – my bone density has increased and no osteoporosis has set in – so I can only assume good results in this one.

As we knew we were going into St. Catharines for my doctor’s appointment, I also took the time and booked a hair appointment in advance. So while I was getting all dolled up, Nat took a drive down to Tim Horton’s and grabbed some lunch (I ate a sandwich in the car on the way in). Then off to the Hotel Dieu to see Dr. Broski and with another bounce in my step, we took a jaunt over to Canadian Tire and Michael’s. We managed to find “a little something” for that bare spot in the nook of the living room, along with a couple more frames. We’ve decided the framed pictures of the Dagenais and Revill families are too dark for where they are and need to have white mattes. Luckily we found a matte to replace the special one we had cut professionally.

Nat also managed to get the octagonal mirror hung in the hallway above the new console table yesterday. Getting it hung wasn’t without its dramatics, however, but the job got done and it looks terrific.

Oh, and coming and going with that new garage door and its’ automatic door opener is just wonderful, thank-you very much!!

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