Hun, The Phone’s Stuck To My Ear!!

As Nat’s cold was now full blown, we decided to stay put again on Monday. Now, we’re both not the kind that normally watch television during the day, but we’re starting to develop a little routine around lunch time. We’ve gotten into a habit (thanks to me) of watching Restaurant Makeover while eating our lunch. For some reason it’s become habit forming, and I get a big kick out of Igor (the construction foreman). After that show we normally turn the television off, but, as Nat was really feeling down and bored, I suggested he turn on a golf game, sit back and rest, which is exactly what he did.

However, mid afternoon the television went silent. I assumed he got tired of the game and just turned off the television. But apparently we had lost the satellite signal to the high definition receiver, but not the power. We could turn the television off, but not the satellite receiver. Try as we might it was to no avail – even unplugging the thing it would just turn itself back on!!! Bizarre to say the least, and I’m also thinking that the jinx on this house has now hit the satellite!!!

We pulled out the installation book, turning to the “Technical Support” chapter and finding our “Error” number, we pushed the reset button, we pushed the satellite button, we pushed the menu button, we pushed every button – but still no signal and that bloody receiver light just stayed on!! After some “discussions” between Nat and I (he thinking the receiver was broken, and I thinking it’s something at Bell’s end), we tried to reach Bell’s technical support. Not to my surprise the line was busy. I kept trying, but busy, busy, busy, busy!!!! Then I went onto Bell’s web site and couldn’t even get into their Chat room – it was unavailable. Now I’m convinced something is going on at their end. After listening to so many tech guys and geeks on my podcasts I now know that truly bizarre things can go on. Nat, however, was convinced it had to be the receiver, not understanding how Bell could control the power end of it. At least we still had a signal coming in to the standard receiver in the bedroom and we both knew that our evening was going to be spent laying on the bed watching a small 14 inch television.

For several frustrating hours I tried to get through to Bell. There were a couple of times that I actually got through, got the usual recording, punched in my password, etc. and was told I would be put through to a technician, only to be cut off and the phone line goes busy again!!!!! By this time we were totally frustrated and took a break to get supper. The discussions continued through our evening meal and we came to the conclusion that our evening was now going to be a long one. Nat hates lying on the bed to watch TV, as he gets extremely uncomfortable and his sore back starts to flare up.

The evening was made worse, as there was nothing on that interested either of us. I can always find some sort of home renovation, cooking or comedy show to watch, but Nat struggles to keep interested. The evening was dragging on ever so sloooowly and I could see the frustration in my hubby’s eyes. So around 10:00 pm I decided to try Bell again – what the hell, it was worth a shot!!!

Low and behold I got through. I couldn’t believe it. And naturally I get an extremely friendly technician that’s more than willing to walk me through getting our signal back. Getting set back up was easy and quick and I should have known the steps, but after having a frustrating afternoon my brain went blank. He never offered an explanation as to what the problem was until I asked. AND as it turned out, the problem was at Bell’s end. They had decided, in their infinite and somewhat dimwitted wisdom, to shut down the High Definition signal for some upgrades!!! They also decided to “jam” the signal to the HD receivers so they couldn’t be turned off during this process!!! I can only imagine those viewers watching their soap operas on a Monday afternoon and not being able to watch the conclusion of the episode!!! I can also now understand why I couldn’t get through via the phone. The technician had advised that they were receiving thousands of calls (NO KIDDING!!!!!) and were working as hard as they could to handle the extreme traffic!!!! We expressed our disappointment in Bell’s timing of this matter and suggested they rethink their handling of any future shut downs.

Another one of those days where you had planned to do one thing and somehow another thing gets in your way. Plus one of those days (and we’ve had our share) of spending most of your time with a phone attached to your ear!! After retiring as a legal secretary I was hoping to get away from that!!!

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